Where we came from...

Once the decision was made that the west side option was to be moved forward, the design team developed more detailed building and site plans. The Gym/Cafeteria would be a block on the south side of the site, with the Classroom and Admin block to the north. This made a natural courtyard to contain the play areas and gardens. The team made a conscious effort to keep the larger building masses away from the residential neighbors and closer to Hilliard Street.

Building Plans & Images

Where we are now...

The Schematic Design was tested with a cost estimate, and adjusted to align project scope with the available funds. The plans below show the school as it is envisioned currently. There are classrooms arranged around common learning spaces, connected with exciting outdoor learning classrooms and spaces.

Design Development

The Design Development phase for the new school started in mid December of 2014, and will continue through April of 2015. The goal for this part of the work is to more completely describe the building, building systems, and site elements.

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Site Plan