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Project Phases

Our new school projects are divided up into several phases...

This is typical for most projects of this size. Each phase has a purpose, and at the end of each phase we'll take a short pause to check if our designs are on track to meet the project goals identified in the Programming Phase. Below you'll find a short description of the various phases of the project, and a schedule that tells us when each phase is going to begin and end.

Schematic Design: The primary objective of Schematic Design Phase is to arrive at a clearly defined, feasible concept and to present it in a form that is clearly understood and accepted by the design committee. Although the design is not entirely represented, the schematic drawings can demonstrate basic spaces, scale and relationship of components.

Design Development: The Design Development Phase focuses more on the technical aspects of materials and building systems. Although this phase allows the Designer to finalize space and function to a great degree, the primary achievement is to enable the committee to understand how the project will function as well as give more detail about what it will look like.

Construction Documents: The Construction Documents phase will evolve the design to a higher level of detail - enough detail for the General Contractor to make accurate Bids, and communicate to the trades and workers the result that the committee wants to achieve.

Bidding The Bid Phase is when the Construction Documents are given to the Contractors for competitive bidding. The District will select the most responsive Bidder according to a carefully defined set of rules.

Construction: Just like it sounds. The Contractors will deploy their workers and equipment to the job site and construct the new schools and grounds.


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