New Schools Projects

In May of 2013 voters passed a bond to fund replacement buildings for River Road and Howard Elementary Schools, Roosevelt Middle School and the renovation of Jefferson Middle School. The existing Howard and River Road buildings are each over 60 years old. They are difficult to maintain and expensive to operate, and are not configured in a way that supports what we've learned about educating children in the last half century. The bond allows these schools to be replaced with new buildings, which will be constructed in the fields adjacent to the existing schools. This allows the existing schools to continue to operate while the new buildings are under construction.  The new buildings will be two-floor structures, enabling them to accommodate the projected growth of student population while maximizing adjacent open space for play areas and athletic fields.  The existing buildings will be removed in the summer prior to the new building's opening, and the area they occupy will be redeveloped as green space, athletic fields, student drop-off and pickup areas, and parking. The new buildings will provide safe, efficient, and inspiring spaces that will serve our children and their teachers for many decades.

Great Info on School Design

John Weekes of DOWA shared some great information about school design. Click this link - it will take you to a resource guide called "Schools Designed for Learning".Check it out, be sure to look at the resources page in the back...


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Rendering of the front entry at River Road ES

Rendering of the Media Center at River Road ES


Upcoming Events


The new Elementary School is well underway, and expected to be ready for our students when they return this fall.

You can see a great aerial video of the school project here: